E-Commerce, UX, Content


Philosophy tasked 1R to lead their e-commerce overhaul and content refresh. The bulk of the initiative was targeted at updating the brands D2C flagship experience, e-commerce content direction and product education to better align with its adjusted target audience and go-to-market strategy.

Content strategy and production were conducted in tandem with the site redesign to define a cohesive visual direction, reflecting Philosophy’s updated brand positioning. Typography, iconography and still & video direction were considered across each franchise and collection to ensure an elevated and consistent experience across the consumer journey.

An AI powered skin analysis diagnostic was developed as part of the e-commerce redesign – aimed at targeting customers' skin concerns to provide relevant product recommendations and regimens. The overarching objective was aimed at building customer trust and loyalty through accurately analyzing skin concerns and providing relevant, efficacious results.

Creative Director
Samantha Arnstadt, Creative Director
Ingmar Chen, Photographer
John Jesz, Designer