E-Commerce, Content, UX

A Tiffany Diamond

Tiffany & Co. sought to reimagine their online Bridal & Engagement experience to align with an updated brand positioning and marketing strategy.

As the digital creative lead, I was responsible for the redesign of the digital Love & Engagement franchise, as well as the concepting and development of a series of immersive storytelling, educational and customer service centered sections to help guide the user and incentivize online conversion.

A deep dive into UX audits and user journeys identified key gaps in the storytelling, education and conversion aspects of the previous e-commerce experience. To address these opportunities, the site was overhauled from a UX, design and content perspective.

Tiffany & Co.
Senior Digital Art Director
Diana Hong-Elsey, VP Creative Director
Pierre Le Tan, Illustrator
Dan Tobin Smith, Director
Raymond Meier, Photographer
Erin Smith, Copywriter